Prince Aikka vs HortlumEdit

Prince Aikka vs Hortlum Prince Aikka wins

Earth vs GrooorEdit

Earth vs Grooor Match undecided, Whizzing Arrow I crashed

Flint vs unnamed racerEdit

Flint vs unnamed racer Flint wins

Earth vs Grooor RematchEdit

Earth vs Grooor Rematch Earth wins

Earth vs FlintEdit

Earth vs Flint Earth wins

Earth vs CeresEdit

Earth vs Ceres Earth wins

Earth vs Para-DiceEdit

Earth vs Para-Dice Earth wins


Round 1Edit

Spirit vs Prince AikkaEdit

Spirit vs Prince Aikka Spirit wins

Earth vs TorosEdit

Earth vs Toros Toros wins

Rush vs Super-RacerEdit

Super-Racer wins

Round 2Edit

Earth vs Prince AikkaEdit

Earth vs Prince Aikka Prince Aikka wins

Rush vs SpiritEdit

Rush wins

Toros vs Super-RacerEdit

Toros wins

Round 3Edit

Earth vs Super-RacerEdit

Earth vs Super-Racer Earth wins

Toros vs SpiritEdit

Toros wins

Prince Aikka vs RushEdit

Prince Aikka wins

Round 4Edit

Earth vs RushEdit

Earth vs Rush Earth wins

Toros vs Prince AikkaEdit

Toros wins

Spirit vs Super-RacerEdit

Super-Racer wins

Round 5Edit

Earth vs SpiritEdit

Earth vs Spirit Spirit wins

Toros vs RushEdit

Toros vs Rush Toros wins

Prince Aikka vs Super-RacerEdit

Prince Aikka wins

Round 6Edit

Earth vs TorosEdit

Earth vs Toros (rematch) Earth wins

Prince Aikka vs SpiritEdit

Prince Aikka vs Spirit (rematch) Prince Aikka wins

Rush vs Super-RacerEdit

Rush might have dropped out after his loss to Toros. Super-Racer wins by default.

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