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The Shaman is a Scrub with mystical powers. He appears only in The Will to Win.

Rick finds the Shaman living alone in an underground cave. The Shaman knows immediately that his visitor is concerned about a girl whose name is Eva and asks to see the stone in Rick's pocket before he Rick tells him anything about it. The Shaman senses a great evil connected with the stone and warns Rick that the truth could be dangerous. Rick chooses to take the risk, concerned that the evil power that harmed him might go after Molly next.

The Shaman agrees to Rick's request and uses his powers to show him the answers he seeks. Rick then experiences a vision of Canaletto. When it is over, he wakes up with the Shaman watching over him. He asks Rick if he found the answers he was looking for, implying that he did not see the same vision.


  • In Thomas Romain's image boards, the Shaman wears a pendant with the Avatar's symbol on it and his chamber bears the same image on the walls. This is not shown in the episode.

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